I’m Dominik, a wedding filmmaker based in Ottawa, ON, the beautiful capital of Canada. The idea of spending the biggest day of people’s lives with them - learning about their personal lives, their history, and then their future together - and then being able to tell their whole story, is something I will forever cherish. 

Oftentimes I come home after a wedding and I think, “this is beautiful!” Two people loving each other so much that they choose to spend their lives together, and their closest supporters all gathering to celebrate the next chapter in their journey. 

The nervousness before walking down the aisle. The immense joy and ‘floating on clouds’ feeling after saying ‘I do.’ The laughter, tears, and gratefulness felt hearing your family and friends’ speeches. All these raw emotions in one quickly-fleeting day. 

Everyone has a story - and I want to tell yours. 

I'm dominik


You can usually find me in nature or with friends and family. Whether it be hiking our beautiful mountains in Western Canada, sailing on Lake Erie, or cycling around Ottawa, I can’t get enough of this wonderful planet. 

I’d love to connect with you over instagram! Let’s share some adventures :)

Having a videographer who actually understands the meaning of "Marian Consecration," "Marriage prep," or "homily" will make a world of a difference in how your wedding Mass and celebration are captured. 

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