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There might be a few reasons why you're here - you're most likely planning a Catholic wedding, where faith is at the centre of your celebration, and you're prioritizing your union as husband and wife. There's about a 1000 little moments happening during your wedding day, and the Catholic Mass is the most important - this is where two become one in Christ's love, and you begin your journey to heaven together! Having a videographer who understands and is familiar with the terms Marian Consecration, Novena, Traditional Latin Mass, Eucharist, Intercession, and more, not only gives you peace of mind that we understand and capture what's at the heart of your wedding celebration, it also makes the experience of working together that much better! No more stressing about whether your videographer will walk up to the altar during the Consecration ;) 

as Catholic wedding filmmakers, is to capture the love of God in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony for every couple.
There's so many special moments happening during your wedding that come together during the sacrament of matrimony. To preserve these in a Catholic wedding film that will take you back is one of the most important tasks we have to do.

Catholic Wedding Videography


Story Session
Full Mass Video
Speeches Video
Highlight Film
2 Videographers
11 Hours of Video Coverage



Speeches Video
Highlight Film
1 Videographer
8 Hours of Video Coverage



Highlight Film
1 Videographer
6 Hours of Video Coverage


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Based in Ottawa, Canada, I serve Catholic couples that are looking for a wedding videographer that not only understands how Catholic weddings work, but is also Catholic himself! 

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